About Us

Group of succulents CC0 image

     Bloom in Fortitude is a motto and a challenge to anyone living in or rising back from adversity. This is why we chose the succulent for our logo and symbol. Succulents don't wait for things to be perfect. They thrive in conditions which defeat many other kinds of plants.

     Just because conditions aren't right for you to be a lotus doesn't mean you can't grow. It doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. Bloom in fortitude and make things happen.

     Bloom in Fortitude, LLC started in Casper, Wyoming in 2017. The Bloom in Fortitude website launched in July of 2018. Bloom in Fortitude, LLC also owns Lyric and Chime, which is an online pop-up shop for short-run retail sales. In the coming months, we look forward to increasing our product line to include items for bonsai, indoor and outdoor growing applications, organic gardening, edible gardens, aeroponics and hydroponics, water gardens, and herb/seed processing, packaging and storage.

     The best way to contact Bloom In Fortitude, LLC is online. You can use the form below or our other handy contact form (disabled presently). We strive to respond within 24 hours. Thank you for visiting and have a fantastic day!